UPDATE: No, RNC Operatives are NOT Working With Holder to Circumvent SCOTUS and Return Texas to Federal Oversight

This article from the PJ Tatler caught my attention because it alleged RNC collusion with Holder to bring Texas and other states back under federal oversight.  This rumor follows Holder’s announcement yesterday that despite the recent Supreme Court ruling, he would be seeking application the Voting Rights Act section 5 provisions.

I’m not the RNC’s biggest fan, but this accusation sounded way too outlandish. So, I asked the RNC.

“It’s 100% false. There is literally not one piece of it that is in any way even close to being factual or true,” said RNC Communications Director, Sean Spicer.

The RNC is demanding full retraction and apology.


I’ve been asked for more concise information from many who weren’t satisfied with the “100% false” denial. Sean Spicer, RNC Communications Director, provided the following moments ago:

Here are the facts:

1.       There is no RNC effort what so ever to influence litigation or legislation dealing with the effects of the Shelby County decision.

2.       There is no RNC efforts to create any new criteria to replace section 4 which was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

3.       No RNC staff or funding have used to for this purpose.

4.       There is  no RNC effort nor has there been any involvement  in devising criteria that amends “the Voting Rights Act to grab states and force them to obtain Washington, D.C. approval.”

5.       There is no RNC effort nor has there been any attempts to use Hofeller’s “RNC-generated ideas to accomplish this goal.”

6.       On this matter there are NO “RNC generated ideas” – period!

7.       Of the so -called Republicans in Congress that are “cool to this idea” PJ Media cannot name one (see number 6 – there is no plan to be cool to).

The RNC demands a full retraction and apology.   Legal action against the source will be pursued.

So for those who are in the, “ZOMG, OF COURSE THEY’D DENY IT CAMP!!!!11!!!,” this should allay your concerns of any vast RNC-Holder conspiracy. If not, I may have some extra tin foil I can spare.


  1. I doubt they are actually in collusion, but they and Rove, et al, sure aren’t helping the cause.

  2. And they’re not because “He says so.” And then quotes you on PJ Media to support his assertions. Circular affirmation. Learned this technique in Amway, years ago. Shill, or dupe, it looks to me, tho I hope I’m wrong.

  3. So Spicer is doing this all on his own? Or maybe it doesn’t have “official” RNC approval?

    In the words of a Democrat, “I don’t think you’ll find any evidence that we did anything wrong.”

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